What to do and what not to do in Rhodes airport transfer: a traveler's guide

What to do and what not to do in Rhodes airport transfer: a traveler's guide

Rhodes one of the most popular vacation spots in Greece, if you're planning a trip here, one of the first things to think about is how you'll get from the airport to your hotel once you land. A perfect start to this holiday is really important. 

Here are some tips to consider so your Rhodes airport transfer will will be hassle-free. 


Book your Rhodes airport transfer in advance: This is especially important if you're traveling during peak season. Book in advance, and your ride will bewaiting for you when you arrive, and can save you money compared to hailing a taxi on the spot.

Choose a reputable transfer company: Do your research and read reviews before booking.

Confirm your booking: Double-check the details of your Rhodes airport transfer reservation, & confirm the pickup time and location before your travel.

Flight delays are common, so make sure you have the contact details of your transfer company and let them know if your flight is delayed, so you will avoid misunderstandings 


Wait until the last minute to book: Leaving your airport transfer booking until the last minute can result in higher prices, limited availability, or even no available transfers at all.

Accept rides from unlicensed drivers: This is illegal and can put you at risk. Always choose a licensed transfer company and make sure you're getting into a marked vehicle with a licensed driver.

Assume your hotel offers a free transfer service: While some hotels do offer complimentary transfers, many do not. Don't assume that your hotel will provide a transfer and always check in advance.

Forget to print your booking confirmation: Having a printed copy of your booking confirmation can be helpful in case of any issues or disputes with your transfer company.


Q: What's the best way to book a Rhodes airport transfer?
A: The best way to book a transfer is to do so online in advance. You can compare prices and read reviews to find a reputable transfer company.

Q: How much should I expect to pay for a Rhodes airport transfer?
A: Prices vary depending on the distance and type of vehicle, but you can expect to pay around €25-30 for a transfer to Rhodes town.

Q: Can I book a transfer on arrival at the airport?
A: Yes, there are transfer companies located at the airport, but you may end up paying more than if you had booked in advance.


Rhodes is a beautiful destination with plenty to see and do, but getting from the airport to your hotel can be a hassle if you're not prepared. By following these dos and don'ts, you can ensure a stress-free airport transfer experience and start your holiday off on the right foot. Remember to book in advance, choose a reputable company, and confirm your booking details to make sure everything runs smoothly.